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FAP Turbo Review: Best Forex Trading System Automated Robot

FAP TurboFAP Turbo Forex Robot is a fully automated forex trading system that is capable of monitoring the forex market, analyzing various movements and trends, and automatically make trades. What’s more, it can adapt to the market volatility and make the necessary trade accordingly!

One of the most profitable and lucrative markets is the forex market, yet it can be difficult or sometimes downright impossible to make money with them, without a profitable system in place. Forex markets also have a history of being risky and volatile. However there are tools and strategies that can aid a person in making money through forex markets.

Automated forex robots are very popular and have been around for quite some time. A forex robot is a tool that automatically trades on your behalf, taking the best strategies possible. A good forex robot will study the forex market carefully and recognize a profitable strategy to use. It will then use that strategy to come up with a profit. One of the most popular automated forex softwares in the market right now is the FAP Turbo. There are claims of it having a back down rate of only 0.4% when the industry average around 10%.

The automatic forex trading software has been created by three different people, all well-known and distinguished persons in their respective fields. They claim that they have spent a lot of time conducting rigorous back test going back to 9 years, while coming up with the product. We conducted a few trades with FAP Turbo software and have used it for quite some time now. The software, once installed and setup, is a completely hands off trading program. FAPTurbo comes with a video instructional series which will walk you through setup, installation, and activation. The videos will also offer advice on choosing a broker and setting up a trading platform.

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What Are The Features Of FAP Turbo?

FAP Turbo forex trading system has various advanced algorithms the software relies on for choosing trades. These algorithms have yielded a 95% success rate for winning trades. Unlike other Forex robots which leave much to be desired in regards to backtesting, the algorithms used by FAP Turbo have been backtested over a 9 year period. During this time the trades have yielded net profits of +5000%.

FAP Turbo has two different types of trading strategies. They are short term and long term.

Short term trading strategy: This strategy uses 4 different currency pairs and trades them over 15 minute time frames. A highlight of this feature is the use of fake stop losses which can prevent stop hunting, sniping, and other shady broker practices.

Long term trading strategy: This strategy is actually a variation of the highly successful Forex Autopilot strategy, but it has fixed some of the problems and limitations of that platform. Amongst other changes, this strategy uses stop losses which prevents some of the costly drawdowns that can wipe out entire accounts. The strategy also uses advanced filters to avoid trading during particularly volatile and risky periods.

Easy of use:

FAP Turbo Forex System is extremely easy to use, even a beginner with no previous experience in using forex robots should be able to use it the first time itself. They had an easy to follow video that covered all the steps involved.


FAP Turbo Robot’s scalper is very efficient. The scalper will attempt to perform optimal number of trades (usually 5 to 7) depending upon the market conditions. It has a stop loss range of 50 to 100 and will automatically determine the best number, after monitoring the most recent price movements for your currency pair. The scalper also has the ability to hide your trade details like stop loss and take profit orders from your broker. This feature protects you from price tampering and malpractices that some brokers indulge in. Some of these features are exclusive to FAP Turbo.


No matter how great a product you create, it is nothing without good support. FAP Turbo forex offers unlimited email support and in addition they have a support forum where some of the developers help with any issues that might arise. They also come out with updated versions every month, which is very important in being ahead.

Currently, this is undoubtedly one of the best and most flexible forex robots available to us. If you realize that the foreign exchange market is really about making steady profits, not million dollar trades, you certainly will be very satisfied with FAPTurbo. So the final advice in our FAP Turbo review is to give it a shot.

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